Tournament results

The Programme of the IInd International
Tennis Championship of Priests

Krakow 9 - 11.09.2013

Sunday 8.09. 2013
At 15.00 arrival of participants and accommodation all of them:
The current place of accommodation is Krakow Seminary
str. Podzamcze 8 near Wawel Castle.
tel. +48 12 421 61 13
or +48 12 422 90 92
Getting to the seminar from the Wawel Castle by Planty to the main entrance.

Monday 9.09. 2013
6.30 Breakfast
8.00 Holy Mass to start the Championship in St. Wojciech's church
(St. Wojciech 4)
9:00 Opening the Championships Ceremony at the courts WKS "Wawel" str. Podhorazhyh
10.00 Time to start games
Meals on the court

Tuesday 10.09.2013
6.30 Breakfast
8.00 Holy Mass in the Sanctuary of Divine Mercy (Lagevniki)
9:00 Time to start games
Meals on the court

Wednesday 11.09.2013-08-21
6.45 Breakfast
8.00 Holy Mass in the Wawel Cathedral
9.00 Time to start games, finals
Approximately 14.00 Closing Ceremony of the Championships
Meals on the court.

ks. prałat Józef Caputa
1 Wrzesień, 2013

II International Championship of the priests in tennis
in Poland

Krakow 9 - 11. 09. 2013

Dear Father,

Inspired by the participants of the I International Championship of the priests

in tennis, I cordially invite all fathers and priests - fans of the game of tennis in Krakow
to take part in the II International Championship! The tournament will be held from 9 - 11 September 2013. I hope that the number of participants will increase significantly
thanks to your support.

At the same time, I want to remind you the I International Championship of the priests

held in Krakow 10 - 12 of September 2012. Tennis courts for military sports club "Wawel" contest among 78 priests from around the world. Numerically presented tennis players from the Philippines, led by Bishop Ricardo Baccay, were priests in Germany, Sweden, the USA, New Zealand, Lithuania, Ukraine, Italy, Spain and, of course, Poland. Priests represented
9 countries; fathers - 10 orders and congregations, priests from Poland - 18 dioceses.
For more information as well as photos and videos from last year's tournament,
please visit: I sincerely urge to watch it.

This year's tournament will be held in three age categories (in the case of a very large

number of participants - in 4 categories). Tournament's rules will be similar to last year. Anyone interested in participating in the tournament, please sign up, giving his year of birth, country, law or diocese. Applications will be accepted electronically

Additional information will be gradually transferred to the site:

ks. prałat Józef Caputa
27 Styczeń, 2013